Theatre Koncentrat _ 2MORELESS

Choreography: Anka Jankowska, Rafal Dziemidok Dance: Anka Jankowska, Rafal Dziemidok Light design: Ewa Garniec Music: Michal Zybert, Marek Kaluszka, Piotr Staniszewski Production: eferte Fundacja Rozwoju Tanca,wolna strefa, Dom Wojska Polskiego Production Manager: Anna Piotrowska Financed: Warsaw City Mokotow District Patronage: wolna strefa, independent.pl Premiere: 14.11.2005, Teatr Maly, Warsaw

Distance is shrinking when we look into each others eyes. We fly high up and diffuse with no fear – because we are aware of our unity. Two beings, contradictive but equivalent at the same time, are constantly testing their influence on each other. There are no time borders because time does not exist in their microcosm.

KONCENTRAT is an artistic group, not a contemporary dance theatre. KONCENTRAT is a brand/trademark that imprints joint and individual projects of the group members. Common goal/denominator for our actions is – shared by all – way of perceiving art. We seek our own way, own narratives, own language and intonation to tell the stories.

www.koncentrat.com / ankajankowska@hotmail.com