Lublin Dance Theatre _ 48/4

Choreography: Ryszard Kalinowski
Creation: Beata Mysiak, Anna Żak, Ryszard Kalinowski, Wojciech Kaproń
Music: Piotr Kurek
Light design: Aleksander Janas
time: 50 min

Let’s imagine a room, a flat – rather small, even quite tight, and some people inside. Let’s look what happens, when the time will go on…

The artistic shape of performances is being worked out in the process of cooperation of all the members of the Theatre, whose activity focuses on the creation of a space for a vivid dialogue with the spectator about the condition of the today’s human being. Lublin Dance Theatre has been searching for their own specific form of expression through creation of the type of movement based on the body’s physicality and displaying dancer’s individual expression.