Anastasia Valsamaki _ Aerowaves – VR show

The solo ‘Body Monologue’ brings back to the stage the unanswered and self-evident question: “What can a body do?”.
An inventive question that expresses not only the body’s dynamics but also the narrative function of the language of dance.

Body Monologue places the body in a position of priority, durability and power. Focusing on the possibilities of movement, this work ventures to imagine alternative spaces and means of activating the body. From how many aspects can this body be seen and in how many forms can it be regenerated? This kind of considerations are fueling the kinesiological exploration of the human body’s physical limits and proposing an imaginary reading that may exceed them.

Inspired by the dynamic role of the monologue in theatre, as well as in real life, the work assigns the task of delivering the unobstructed narrative to the body, thus inviting the viewer to experience the possibility of communication that is generated in this way.

concept & choreography: Anastasia Valsamaki
co-creation & performance:Gavriela Antonopoulou
Konstantinos Bakogiannis
photos: Alekos Bourelias & Christos Bourelias
line producer: MINDTHELOOP
Premiered at ARC FOR DANCE FESTIVAL 10 May 26, 2018 – Athens, Greece
duration: 20 min and meeting with Anastasia Valsamaki: 25 min