Lublin Dance Theatre _ again and again

choreography: Ryszard Kalinowski performers: Beata Palka, Wojtek Kapron, Ryszard Kalinowski music: Amon Tobin, Piotr Kurek premiere: August 2006

Inside all of us there is something that we do not accept, that we are ashamed of, and that reveals in the worst moment of our life. However, we try again and again with hope for change, for success.

Lublin Dance Theatre was established in 2001 by Hanna Strzemiecka, during many years the Theatre’s choreographer and artistic director. Now the group is run by Ryszard Kalinowski choreographer, dancer, teacher. Lublin Dance Theatre, both individually or in cooperation with the Contemporary Dance Group of Lublin University of Technology, also initiates and organises cultural and educational projects, such as the annual International Lublin Dance Theatres Festival – since 1997, Contemporary Dance Forum for Polish Dance Theatres – since 2003, Chagall Festival in Lublin – 2003.

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