Linda Hayford / Joy Ritter _ AlShe/Me / BABAE


Linda Hayford develops her research on metamorphosis and physical transformation. This creation for (and with) a brother and a sister makes central the notions of influences on each other, whatever it is suffered, perceived or internalized. This two-people play, between similarities and subtle differences, illustrates the exclusive relations that is able to link one to another. Beyond words and implicit empathy, it gives place to each one to develop its own singularity.

choreography: Linda Hayford
dancers: Linda Hayford, Mike Hayford
artistic consultants: Bruce Chiefare, Saïdo Lehlouh
music: Link Berthomieux
lights: Nicolas Miravete
costumes: Laure Maheo
duration: 30 minut


BABAE means “woman” in tagalog (philippine language) and is a 30min Solo work inspired by the “masterpiece of strangeness”, Mary Wigman’s Witch Dance, that premiered at the Witch dance Project Festival in 2016 at the Sophiensaele Berlin.
Raised and classically trained in Germany, Joy examines inherited vocabularies, reconfiguring what it means to summon the power and mystical practices of woman as witch. Evolving the movement material of Mary Wigman into her own witch caracter, she combines her roots in Philippine folk dance, classical/contemporary training and vocabulary of hip hop and voguing.
During her performance, Joy lets the audience witness an ancient and intimate ritual, thats procedure seems to be only known to her. In her piece Joy exposes herself to states of transformation and trance at the one hand, while she radiates strength in her femininity at the other. Her journey is a celebration of life, spiritual awareness and wisdom. In her witch character, Joy embodies women´s historical sacrifices next to pure celebrative freedom.
BABAE is a one woman interplay between the animalistic and sensual qualities of ritual and power.

Special thanks to: Aerowaves 2020, Christoph Winkler „Witchdance project”, Farooq Chaudry „Portrait in Otherness”, Akram Khan, Elena Polzer „Ehrliche Arbeit”, Lukas Steltner, Sophiensaele Berlin i Tanzfonds Erbe.

choreography, concept, dance: Joy Alpuerto Ritter
music composer: Vincenzo Lamagna
artistic assistant: Lukas Steltner
light designer: Arne Schmitt / Joy Alpuerto Ritter
costume designer: Lan Behrendt DYAO
technical support: Fabian Bleisch supported by „Witch dance Project 2016” Sophiensaele Berlin
duration: 30 min