anoukvandijk dc _ AMOUR FOU

Double program consisting of: “am I out?” (2001) – 25 min. “Amour Fou” (2003) – 40 min.

Concept & choreography: Anouk van Dijk Dramaturgy: Laura Minderhoud Stage design: Marcel Schmalgemeijer (Amour Fou), Anouk van Dijk (am i out?) Dancers: Peter Cseri, Jack Gallagher, Birgit Gunzl, Nina Wollny Costumes: Oscar Suleyman Music: Robert van Heumen Rehearsal director: Jack Gallagher

After graduating from the Rotterdam Dance Academy in 1985, Anouk van Dijk performed with several groups in the Netherlands, including The New Dancegroup and The Rotterdam Dancegroup, and abroad. She danced leading parts in works by Merce Cunningham, David Gordon, Mark Haim, Jacqueline Knoops, Bebe Miller, Tere O’Connor, Stephen Petronio, Ton Simons and Shusaku Takeuchi. Since 1996 Van Dijk has been solely performing her own work. She first started making choreographies with The Rotterdam Dancegroup. Her official debut, Edge Stories (1991), was met with admiration for its original and powerful movement and her later independent production Hart, kwink, moker (at CaDance Festival in the Hague, 1994) was viewed as “one of the most intriguing contributions of the festival, because of its fast, ever changing and resourceful vocabulary of movement”. In January 1998 Anouk van Dijk founded her own company, called anoukvandijk dc. In 2000 anoukvandijk dc premiered Microman, for which Van Dijk received the Lucas Hoving Production Price 2000 during the Dutch Dance Days. Her piece am I out?, made for Russian modern dance company Provincial Dances Theatre, reached the highest Russian theatre prize The Golden Mask 2001 in the category of modern dance.

“Amour Fou” is a piece about longing. An obsessive quest for that ideal, drunken love full of tender submission and uncensored excitement. That ecstatic feeling which, sadly enough, is nearly always accompanied by the eternal fear of losing whatever you might find. “Amour Fou” is a slalom around disapointments, in pursuit of love.

‘The dancers writhe with unfulfilled desire. They are a bit strange, if not crazy. Choreographer Anouk van Dijk has put the insanity of love right into her dancers.’ Annette Embrechts „Volkskrant“, January 2003