Cie Stanislaw Wisniewski _ Antipodes

choreography: Stanislaw Wisniewski
music: Henryk M. Gorecki
light designer: Cyril Benhaim
dancer : Patrick Zingilé


Antypodes are inspired by Patrick Zingile’s personality and an inevitable in today’s world encounter with hip-hop dance.This choreographic proposal captures fragments of convergence and agreement between the phenomena which are distant à priori: urban/district culture and contemporary music.

Foundations of dance (classical or contemporary), and the minimalist music by Gorecki, related to my life and my work are here assembled in the form of constant renewal.

Antipodes confront the renewal with virtuosity and plasticity of the ‘hype’ style, its phrasing and its energy …This “colorful” choreography reflects my journey and reactions to issues related to the “unknown” and “strange”, so typical of our times.