AURA Dance Theatre _ Aseptic Zone or Lithuanian Songs

Idea and choreography: Birute Letukaite Music: Rolandas Cikanavicius, Darius Čiuta, Skardas, Orlandas Narušis, Raimundas Eimontas, Aram Chatchaturian Costume design: Birute Letukaite, Inga Kažemekiene Lighting design: Birute Letukaite, Vladimiras Šerstobojevas Video: Saulius Paliukas Dancers:Ruta Kavaliauskiene, Saulius Kavaliauskas, Rasa Danilinaite Mantas Stabačinskasi, Vitalis Mika, Marijanas Staniulenas, Audrone Leškevičiute, Aušra Degutyte, Rasa Danilinaite Premiere: March 2004 Time:30 min.

A(nti)septic – made by aseptic methods; thoroughly clean and free from bacteria; preventing putrefaction and infection by destroying bacteria (“The Dictionary of International Terms”)

“A very mature and solid piece of work, employing all the efforts of the body..” – Frank Weigand “Die Ost-West-Wochenzeitung“, Germany

“Aseptic Zone or Lithuanian Songs” by Birute Letukaite tries to show the perpetual crossing of sterile veracity and creative mistake, standard and individuality, unconventionality and conformance. The piece rallies the reason of misunderstanding – the fear to catch bacillus of dissentient.” – Vida Savičiunaite “Lietuvos rytas”, Lithuania

AURA Dance Theatre, under direction of Birute Letukaite, is the only one municipal theatre of modern dance in Lithuania and one of a very few companies of modern dance in Lithuania that shows the skills of the professional dance. During 20 years of its existence, “AURA became a part of the history of contemporary dance in Lithuania by extension and modernization of the tradition of free expressive dance, implemented in Lithuania by Kira Daujotaite” (“Teatras”). Since 1991 AURA worked with famous European and American choreographers such as Tamara Rogoff (USA), Royston Maldom (UK), Alain Bernard and Claude – Yane Roulin (Switzerland), Gianna Valenti (Italy), Sebastian Prantl (Austria), Tamara McLorg (UK), Louis Tylor (UK), Peter Di Muro and Susana Williams (USA) and others.

The works of AURA have been presented and awarded on international festivals such as International Festival of Modern Choreography in Vitebsk (Belarus), International Presentations of Contemporary Dance Forms in Kalisz (Poland), Evolution Tallinn (Estonia), Bagnolet Platform in Tallinn (Estonia). AURA Dance Theatre is an originator and main organiser of International Festival of Modern Dance in Kaunus, Lithuania.

www.aura.lt / birute_letukaite@hotmail.com