Dance Theatre GALLERY _ At arm’s length

“At arm’s length” Choreography: Alexander Tebenkov Dancers: Victoria Baltser, Alexander Tebenkov Music: J.S.Bach, E.Griege, A.Vivaldi, Odeon Time: 17 min.

GALLERY Dance Theatre was established in 1994 in Grodno, Republic of Belarus. They started their own activity with small and diverse miniatures. Step by step the company perfected dance technique and composition and looked for their own, unique dance language. The members of the Theatre participated in series of diverse workshops and are constantly being in a process of creation of new choreographies. Since the moment of foundation the GALLERY Dance Theatre took part in numerous festivals and international projects, e.g. International Festival of Modern Choreography in Vitebsk, New Baltic Dance in Vilnius, Evolution in Tallinn, International Contemporary Dance Conference and Art of Dance Festival in Bytom, Tanz-Transit in Kaliningrad, Art-project “Dance without borders” with Moving Arts Dance Company from San Francisco. Alexander Tebenkov, the choreographer and artistic director of Gallery Dance Theatre, graduated from Moscow State Institute of Culture (Russia). Since 1988 has worked as a dancer in Grodno Philharmonic. Since 1996 has been working as a dancer and a choreographer in Grodno Drama Theatre. Since 1998 has been working as a teacher of contemporary dance at children’s dance studio “Folush-ballet” of Grodno Philharmonic. He created choreographies for several drama and music performances and for theatrical shows.