Stowarzyszenie Mandala_a&a&a _ B&B

text, direction, set: Andrzej Sadowski choreography: Iwona Olszowska / Marta Pietruszka perfoamers: Anna – Marta Pietruszka Teresa – Iwona Olszowska and Andrzej Sadowski technician: Marcin Baran production: Mandala, STEN, Staromiejskiego Centrum Kultury Młodzieży in Cracow premiere: April 2005, Krakowskie Reminiscencje Teatralne

“B&B” is a very original work unknown in theatre. Thrilling story about a man, called Mr Zenon, who has two sons and a big flat. He rents two rooms for two girls – Anna and Teresa. The girls have been murdered…

a&a&a (ful name art & action & attraction), is a theatre group in the frame of Mandala Association, established in 2003 after 7 minutes form decission about finishing the former Association’s activity. The group’s name is at the same time a name of a new formula of activity: art & action & attraction.