Compagnie REA Danza _ Broken tango

choreography: Diego Arias dancers: Ximena Carnevale, Andrea Grassi, Clara Gallardo, Esther Medina, Diego Arias, Jupa Arias music: Astor Piazzola, Anibal Troilo, Agustin Bardi, Alejandro Scarpino, Juan Calderella, Julian Plaza, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Angel Villoldo, Pedro Laurenz, Sebastian Piana, Osvalda Pugliese, Raul Garello, Roberto Firpo, Eduardo Arolas, Julian Curwin, Pesce costumes: Norma Garcia light: Sergio Rodriguez set: Juan Arias

Like a tango broken by a lie, snapped by artificial human relationships, emotions and feelings prefabricated by society – this is how the life looked in a brothel in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the 20th Century. Love and loss, hope and despair, fight and surrender, passion and prostitution live together in a world, where nobody finds happiness.

BROKEN TANGO is the latest production of la Cía R.E.A, a performance where the tango dominates as a form of expression and which shows the Argentinean roots of the company born in Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires) in 1991. Cie REA danza has developed and consolidated its own language, experimenting and merging different classical, contemporary and acrobatic dance techniques with the tango and Argentinean folklore.

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