Poznań Opera House Ballet Company _ Butterflies

choreography: Rami Be’er
music: collage Alex Claude
music collage/light: Rami Be’er
duration: 22 min

Butterflies are a duet, a story about two people joined by the destiny. It is a universal history which is telled by dance’s language. The main characters of the performance are being moved by the choreographer in time what we can find not only in choreography, but also in music by Alex Cloud.

Black & White is a two-piece choreographic evening of two different authors, cooperating with Israeli Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company – one of the best teams of the contemporary dance of the world.

Rami Be’er, author of the duet Butterflies, is an art director and a KCDC choreographer, a world-class author which works had intense influence on choreographic language of Jacek Przybyłowicz, who was a KCDC dancer for many years. At present he is the director of the Poznan Opera House’s ballet.

Black & White is the performance of different choreoghraphic colours, presented in monochrome world of black and white.