Katarzyna Piątkowska _ „Caught in dance”

After seeing the first performance of Lublin Dance Theatre and you notice the analogy between painting and dance. Putting aside the painting aspect of dance itself, body movement of the performer can be more or less coordinated, faster or slower, but always purposeful – like the movement of painter’s brush.

Two sets of paintings are exhibited.

Water-colours – free interpretation of the Lublin Dance Theatre’s performances. Inspired by human body in movement, caught in almost undoable poses.

Oils – faithful, naturalistic pictures of actors and/or scenes also from Contemporary Dance Group of Lublin University of Technology performances.

Combination of so distant techniques is done on purpose. It manifests freedom with which body moves in dance – it spreads like a water colour on the stage space as well as elaborated stage movement with all it’s details that are caught in the oil technique.

Author – Katarzyna Piątkowska, 12 individual exhibitions, participant of 11 group exhibitions from 2000. Graduated from Lublin’s Design School, currently student of the UMCS Artistic Department. Holder of the scholarship in Culture of Lublin Region’s Marshall in 2006 and 2007. Author of five volumes of poetry.