Contemporary dance workshops for beginner dancers

For the beginner group, we would like to invite everyone interested in learning contemporary dance, those who want to learn about the possibilities of their own body and develop their creative potential as well as those who want to look into the world of dance theatre.

We invite you to workshops led by Inna Aslamova, Yeva Silenko, and Halyna Shchupak.

Please note:
1. The number of the workshop participants in groups is limited.
2. Applications are processed in the order in which they are received
and confirmed by payment. Please only pay once the organisers have
confirmed that there are free places in the group.
3. The organisers reserve the right to redirect the person registering
for the workshop to another group.
4. Proof of payment should be sent to: warsztaty.taniec@ck.lublin.pl.
5. The workshop is addressed to people over 16 years of age.

Inna Aslamova

What is a dance for me?
This is an amazing energy pouring through our bodies and moving them!
I do believe that our body is our closest partner with its consciousness and huge abilities.
We can study it, we can play with that! Let’s give up the idea of forcing our body do what we want. Let’s communicate with the body to be together during movement.

What will we do?
We will have some exercises to increase a body volume and bring some new qualities. We will work with
a partner helping us to become an observer of our body making decisions itself. During our practice we
will see the diversity of forms born from one principle.
Dance will appear but it won’t know that it is a dance. But I’m sure it will be breathtaking!

Inna Aslamova – dancer, choreographer, teacher and organizer of art-events in the field of contemporary dance in Belarus. Graduated as a physicist from Gomel State University (Belarus) she started learning contemporary dance visiting workshops in different countries. Special thanks to teachers: Douglas Nielsen (USA), Miroslava Kovarova (Slovakia), Joe Alter (USA), Rosalind Crisp and Andrew Morrish (Australia). In 1994 she formed a Contemporary Dance Group “Quadro”, has created performances
and projects which were presented in different countries of Europe, South Korea and UK. From 2001 to 2008 Inna was the Head of the Contemporary Dance Department of the Children Dance School in Gomel, 2018-2021 the teacher of College of Art (Gomel), 2013-2018 co-organizer and since 2018 the Artistic Director of the Festival of Physical and Dance Theaters Plastforma (Minsk).
Inna has taught contemporary dance technique, improvisation and composition to children and adults as part of festivals and educational programs in Belarus, Poland, Moldova, France, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden and Germany. She was an initiator and co-creator of the projects such as “Unusual Theater Night” (Gomel, since 2011), “Summer Art School of Mark Chagall Museum / Young dancers and artists’ workshop” (Vitebsk, Belarus 2007- 2011; Nienburg, Germany – 2012).Together with Daniil Belkin (Ukraine), Inna created the educational project The LAB Center (since 2017) and ID Dance Project (artistic context).

Halyna Shchupak

In the little meetings, that we will have we will softly wake our bodies up and then I invite you to try together some ideas that will create circumstances where you have to use your instincts and reactions to make your way and move. We will move with a partner and in a group. As well, I will propose you learn my choreography or try to find your movement and build the movement phrases.

Halyna Shchupak is from Lviv, Ukraine. She always looks for different ways to approach life, and dance
is one of her choices. She is practicing and trying different methods in dance/theater to come closer to the essence of dance and find the connection between dance and life. She studied choreography at the Lviv National University and took part in different dance/theater projects and workshops. Over time she became a part of a local contemporary dance theater “TILO” in Lviv and there she was a dancer in dance pieces and some dance video projects. As well, she tried herself as a director of dance films. So, in 2021 she created her first dance short movie “I Hope While I’m Still Breathing”.
Now she is based in Germany at the residence of Wuppertal TanzTheater Pina Bausch. There she took part as a dancer in the project VONA by Rainer Behr. Also in choreographic collaboration with Rainer Behr created a solo “Keep breathing”. At the moment, she is studying at Folkwang University where she has a chance to deep into the knowledge about dance and movement.

Eva Silenko

The direction of the workshop:
– searching for connections in the body,
– waving and isolation – as tools for improvisation,
– choreography for securing the material, built on isolation and the use of different levels in space.

Eva Silenko is a dancer, choreographer and teacher from Ukraine. Looks at dance from different angles, in an eternal search for something new. Thanks to this, he creates his own unique style and reveals this skill in others. Tools are completely different techniques.
Completed training programs: Zoran Markovic “Johan Inger Repertoire”, Sandra Marin García “Crystal
Pietes”, “Gaga Technique”… Classical and folk dance has been taught since childhood. Also a discipline of acrobatics. She studied at the University of KhDAK at the Faculty of Modern Choreography.
Participant in various creative projects in Ukraine and Germany. She danced in the main lineup of Martina Dance Company. Now she lives here at the Pina Bausch Theater (Wuppertal, Germany). And one of the dancers in the play “VONA” (choreographer Rainer Behr) The performance was shown in: Wuppertal (Germany), Ostnabrück (Germany), (Cologne), Poznan (Poland). Participant and winner of Improvisation battles and competitions in contemporary, MATM and “All Styles” in Germany and Ukraine.