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choreography: Anna Żak set, light design: Anna Żak music: The Cinematic Orchestra dancers: Agnieszka Duda, Ewelina Drzał, Justyna Koństańczuk, Małgorzata Kwiecień, Barbara Michalec, Beata Pałka, Karolina Sularz, Joanna Szot, Dorota Świć, Ewa Wasilewska

We come… leave… the character of meetings, events, people changes… The shape of the future is detrmined by the past and the present time… In the natural way we continue the began work…

The Group was established in 1993 by Hanna Strzemiecka. Since 1996 it has particiapted and been awarded at numerous festivals and presentations in Poland and worldwide. Since 2005 the Group is run by Anna Żak, former soloist of the Group and curently a dancer of the Lublin Dance Theatre. Since 1997 The Group, both individually or in cooperation with the Lublin Dance Theatre initiates and organises cultural and educational projects, such as the annual International Lublin Dance Theatres Festival – since 1997, Contemporary Dance Forum for Polish Dance Theatres – since 2003, Chagall Festival in Lublin – 2003.