VerTeDance / Jiří Havelka / Clarinet Factory _ CORRECTION

Directed by: Jiří Havelka
Choreography and dance: Veronika Kotlíková, Tereza Ondrová, Martina Hajdyla Lacová, Karolína Hejnová, Robo Nižník, Jaro Ondruš, Petr Opavský
Costume and Scene Design: Dáda Němeček
Light Design: Katarína Ďuricová
Music: Clarinet Factory live
Produced by: VerTeDance o.s.
Supported by: City of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Foundation život
umělce, METROSTAV a.s., Tanec Praha NGO / Ponec – The Dance Venue, Čtyři dny o.s. and
ALT@RT o.s.
Running time: 55 min

Brand new piece by award-winning director Jiří Havelka and highly acclaimed Czech dance company VerTeDance put seven dancers in front of a huge challenge: how will they perform a dance piece being framed in one row for the whole hour?

We are very well aware of what is lack of freedom. But do we know what freedom is? How to find inner peace within freedom? How come the possibility of unlimited choices paralyses our capacity to make a decision, to truly believe in something, to be truly impassioned? To reach a palpable goal that is standing right in front of our eyes in the haze. The fatigue arising from the incessant search for the goal.