Ann van den Broek _ Co(te)lette

Concept and Choreography: Ann Van den Broek
Dancers: Cecilia Moisio, Theodossia Stathi, Judit Ruiz Onandi
Music: Arne Van Dongen
Music editing and mix: Arne Van Dongen and Yves De Mey
Lighting design: Bernie van Velzen
Costumes styled by Ann Van den Broek (from the collections of A.F. Vandevorst, Veronique Branqhuino)
Produced by WArd/waRD vzw
Co-produced by CC Berchem (Antwerp) and Korzo productions (The Hague)
with thanks Summerstudios (Brussels), WPZimmer, HID Lier, Christine Engelen, Cathy Dekker, Marie Decorte, David Van Bouwel, Merel De Vilder

Woman and flesh, beauty and impermanence , raw and tender. An uncontrollable desire overwhelms the dancers. A desire for fulfilment, both physical and mental.

These conflicts are typical of Ann Van den Broek’s work. Co(te)lette is an intimate piece for three female dancers caught in a vicious circle between desire and fulfilment. There is no confrontation, there is no rivalry, there is no narrative – no solution, no end. “Co(te)lette” is a restless and ultimately… empty portrait.