mufmi teatr tańca _ Cztery róże dla Lucienne

Choreography and direction: Anna Piotrowska
Creation and performance: Dgmara Błaszkiewicz / Beata Czerwonko, Patrycja Dońska, Magda Janiszewska, Agnieszka Mazur
Music: Aleksandra Gryka
Make-up: Agnieszka Rudzińska
Set design: Anna Piotrowska
Set production: Artystyczna Pracownia Kapeluszy Zofii i Jana Piotrowskich

“Four roses for Lucienne” – a rather difficult study of womanhood, full of dark desires, daring dreams and solitude. The creation of scene reality sneaks out of unambiguous interpretation. Particular incidents, apparently taken out from the context, create an intimate portrait of a woman. A conscious woman, courageous and magical, but at the same time ordinary, yearning and involved in the absence of a relationship with a man. All served in an absurd setting characteristic of Roland Topor’s writings and filled in with oniric music by Aleksandra Gryka

In 2007 “Four roses for Lucienne” was awarded with the first prize at the International Presentations of Contemporary Dance Forms in Kalisz, Poland.