Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo – Video presenations of the solos awarded during the dance competition in Leipzig

The popular dance competition »Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo« (“Best German dance solo”) has its roots in Ghent/Belgium. Idea and conception are from the well-known choreographer Alain Platel, who directed the contest under the title »Best Belgian Dance Solo« three times from 1995-97 – within the »Victoria«-
-festival – which is likewise open for professionals and amateurs. The euro-scene Leipzig adopted the competition in 1997 as »Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo«. The artistic direction had been in the hands of choreographer Irina Pauls for three years. From 2000 05 Wolfgang Krause Zwieback was responsible for its artistic direction, since 2007 René Reinhardt. The number of applications rose in the course of the years from 68 to about 150.

*In year 2005 Ryszard Kalinowski received 2nd prize for choreography „Bellissimo” performed by Wojciech Kaproń.