Yves Netzhammer _ Dialogical Abrasion, 2011, Adressen unmöglicher Orte, 2009

Dialogical Abrasion, 2011
duration: 20.51 min

In the film “Dialogical Abrasion”, an accident setting serves as the scope for a cinematic metaphorical dialogue: two figurine subjects, that ultimately crash into each other in a slow motion car crash scene, act as the framework to the formal structure of the film. Mutual subjection and impression are allegorically exemplified – the momentum of the impact of the collision subserves as a generator to astonishing artificial bodily postures, that could be translated into something like an archive of embodiments. In transitory cut scenes between the decelerated sequence of this mishap, “biographical” flashbacks are inserted.
The soundtrack offers another sensational dimension to work trough the various abrasions of these speculative traumatic events. Thus, the work tries to investigate the potential in the narrative of these Identity founding and crushing incidents within the scope of an audio-visual sculptural work.

Adressen unmöglicher Orte, 2009
duration: 22 min

Yves Netzhammers computer-generated video “Addresses of Impossible Places” fascinate due to his physical charisma and their formal clarity. Based on the playful energy of re-combination they gingerly grope towards the dark side of our existence: the pleasant is combined with the unpleasant, the dead and the living coalesce into beings never before seen, and the scenarios depicted run the gamut of every size on the scale, from microscopic to gigantic.

Yves Netzhammer, born in 1970, studied Visual Design at the Zurich College of Art and Design. Since 1997, he has been working on a widely ramified, poetic imagery cosmos. His video installations, objects, slide shows and drawings fascinate through their bodily charisma and their formal clarity. The playful recombination of elements which seemingly can not be combined leads to the threshold of our existence’s dark side: Dulcet aspects interlock with displeasing ones, the dead melts with the alive into creatures never seen before, and the depicted scenarios run from microscopic to giant scales.

Solo exhibitions include Minsheng Art Museum Shanghai (2011), Kunstmuseum Bern (2010), Palazzo Strozzi (2009), SFMOMA, San Francisco (2008), Venice Biennale (2007), Karlskirche Kassel (supporting program documenta 12, 2007), Museum Rietberg, Zürich (2006), Kunsthalle Bremen (2005) and Helmhaus Zürich (2003). Group exhibitions include Liverpool Biennale (2010), Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg (2007), Witte de With and TENT, Rotterdam (2006), Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg (2006) and National Gallery Prague (2005). Yves Netzhammer lives and works in Zurich.