Paul Taylor Dance Company 2 _ Dust

“Dust” choreography: Paul Taylor dancers: Alison Cook, Jamie Rae Walker, Latra Wilson, Winston Dynamite Brown, Justin Kahan, John Eirich music: Francis Poulenc light: Jennifer Tipton costumes: Gene Moore Production made possible in part by contributions from The National Endowment for the Arts, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and The Friends of the Paul Taylor Dance Company.

Revival made possible, in part, through the Paul Taylor Repertory Preservation Project, and by the generosity of The Prospect Hill Foundation and Charles F. and Theresa M. Stone.

Few artists of our time have had the profound impact on their art form that Paul Taylor has had on dance. Fifty years after he made his first avant garde works, he is revered as the world’s greatest choreographer, with a collection of 124 dances performed by his own celebrated Company (now numbering 16 dancers) and the six-member Taylor 2 as well as renowned ballet companies here and abroad. As the subject of the widely seen ocumentary, “Dancemaker”, and author of a critically acclaimed autobiography, “Private Domain”, he has shed light on his creative process as few artists ever have. At 76, Paul Taylor may be the most sought-after choreographer working today, commissioned by leading companies, theaters and presenting organizations the world over.