anna żak & daria dziedzic _ far from the body

Conception, choreography, dance: anna żak & daria dziedzic
Music: oren ambarchi, fennesz, muslimgauze
Lights design: anna żak, daria dziedzic, grzegorz polak
Technical cooperation and lights: grzegorz polak, proscenium art
Duration: 40 minutes
Premiere: Central Theatre of Cultural Center in Lublin, 16.05.2008 (prologue of spectacle, february 2008)
production: Central Theatre of Cultural Center in Lublin www.ck.lublin.pl

Remote worlds attracts themselves…
The bodies hung within them penetrates,
Distant becomes close

With the help of partnership and dialogue, the spectacle builds agreement between worlds. If there is anything dominant in this worlds, this is a need of freedom and independence and simultaneously need of mutual support, which harmonize and fill the space.

„Choreography of light and body creates the unforgettable atmosphere (…) By harmonization of every scenic detail, the boundary of message inapproachability is crossed. The fascination of dialogue dance is outlined, which pays attention to presentation of emotions and relations, that are impossible to place in traditional plot. Spectacle is deprived of useless ideologies, gaining the value itself. The mood is complemented by music, equally minimalist as the scenic means. All these cause that the presented form is clear and sublime. The dancers can fly, overcome the capability of human’s body and by this, they can present other space, feeling of which becomes most important. Synergy of dance, light and sound allows for incredible reinforcement of message’s power.”

Marta Zgierska, Nowa Siła Krytyczna