Lublin Dance Theatre _ Fatal Error

choreographic concept: Ryszard Kalinowski
creation: Beata Mysiak
music: Piotr Kurek
light design: Marcin Kowalczuk
film effects: Andrzej Rusin
duration: 40 min

Take a look inside yourself. Can you really use your potential? Maybe you want to finally find out why you constantly make mistakes?

Enter the path of self-consciousness. The first step – acquiring the hidden knowledge on symbolism of colours. Take this step if you refuse to involuntarily give in to colour’s magic, if you want to make a Big Change.

Here is some of the most important information:
Red – speaks of a need for emotional and physical activity, opening for sexual contacts.
I am.
Orange – symbolizes pursuing a goal which is responsible for our happiness.
I need to. I can.
Yellow – informs about a need for contact, a desire to relieve psychological problems. It symbolizes fear of solitude.
Green – symbolizes emotional troubles, a necessity to focus on oneself and a longing for inner balance.
I want to go out for a walk.
Blue – speaks of a need for originality, expresses a desire for the others to notice our wisdom and creativity.
Me. Me.
Navy-blue – emphasizes responsibility and an intention to control outside world.
Purple – symbolizes interest in the spiritual domain, existential questions. May be a proof of bigotry.
Golden – signifies affectation with material goods, it proves a desire for high position and susceptibility to praises.
It’s nothing bad.
Silver –  expresses a longing for feelings, a need for spiritual support, loneliness and inclination to romanticism.
He will call today.
Brown – symbolizes a threatened feeling of safety, uncertainty of tomorrow, lack of self-confidence and a need for stabilization.
I am. I am.
Black – symbolizes sadness, isolation, chaos and death, as well as an existential attitude and a longing for love, search for energy to act.
To nowhere. Everywhere.
Grey – expresses a need for balance and calm. It is a colour of hidden emotions.
Don’t ask about anything.
White – symbolizes greed for life and space, it is a signal of a need for acceptation.
No. Yes.
Pink – a desire for love, interest, compassion, lack of self-confidence, a desire to take risk.Pink. Pink. Pink. Je vois la vie en rose.