Compagnie Pal Frenak _ Fiúk / The Hidden Men

Choreography and scenography: Pal Frenak
Artists: Nelson Reguera, André Mandarino, László Major, Péter Holoda
Music: Fabrice Planquette
Stage and alpinism: Zoltán Gyorgyovics
Light: János Marton
Sound: Attila Hajas
Production Manager: György Ujvári-Pintér
duration: 43 min

The hidden man holds a special mirror in front of us, in which we can see the „Macho”, the „Narcissus” and also „Hercules”, and we can closely examine the archetypes of man. Frenák alternately calls up male chauvinist violence, stupid pretentiousness, the balance of power that structures our exchanges with others. Frenák offers us a radical vision, somehow desperate, of human relationships. He probes male sexuality through its different aspects: its origins, as well as its unconscious sources. Its sensuality is without compromise, its rudeness is poetic. The symbols used prompt us to make associations.
The desolate emotions and stereotypes, which nowadays are so characteristic of human relationships, are expressed with dark comedy, irony bordering on aggression. Pál Frenák’s choreography shows cinematographic, almost theatrical dimensions in its conception: it is the expression of his intuitive knowledge of human functions. The hidden man is a kind of direct access to the deepest strata of the unconscious as well as a social vision without concession.