The Symptoms _ From scratch

direction: Réka Szabó performers: István Gőz, Vera Jarovinszkij, László Kövesdi, Réka Szabó, Dániel Szász music: Balázs Barna, Albert Márkos light: Attila Szirtes costumes: Enikő Bodnár production: L1 Independent Dancers’ Partnership, NKA, Cultural Committee of the Budapest City General Assembly scpecial thanks to: László Keszég, Ádám Petri Lukács, Bence Járdány, Zsolt Nagy István, Ildikó Lőkös

“But for all the humor that takes up most of the stage time of From Scratch, we are constantly aware of some strange, intelligent type of sadness underneath, something that very faintly resembles anxiety, and this sensation is enduring and seamless.This is what endows the whole piece with a sense of suspense approaching apprehension, the feeling that even in the funniest moments something serious is at stake.” Tamás Halász, Ellenfény

Réka Szabó is a freelance dancer, choreographer, teacher, founding member of L1 Independent Dancers’ Partnership. As a dancer/performer she has worked with Emma Rice (Great Britain), Milli Bitterli (Austria),Javier de Frutos (Great Britain), Rui Horta (Portugal)m and with numerous Hungarian choreographers (Marta Ladjanszki, Gyula Berger, Eszter Gal).Her works were presented and awarded at festivals: Aerowaves in London,La Alternativa Festival in Madrid, Pandora Festival in Vienna, Aerodance in Amsterdam.

www.nemzetitancszinhaz.hu / info@nemzetitancszinhaz.hu