Silesian Dance Theatre _ Glamour of Mundane – Dream from a Saint

Choreography:Jacek Łumiński Dancers: Sylwia Hefczyńska –Lewandowska, Sebastian Zajkowski, Leszek Stanek, Eryk Makohon, Eva Lackova, Korina Kordova, Aleksander Kopański Premiere: April 2005 Time: 65 min.

„(…) Once again (Jacek Łumiński) proved that the classical box space could be fulfilled with unique energy emanated by the dancers. (…) The movement projected for 7 persons makes the impression: the artists fluently passage from solo etudes to the group expression. (…) Connection of contemporary dance and folk songs brought the genius effect” – Aleksandra Czapla, “Gazeta Wyborcza”

„Wonderful, perfect dance etudes, ordinary like gestures, simple but demanding many years of work.” – Monika Żmijewska, “Gazeta Wyborcza”

„Glamour of Mundane – Dream From A Saint” is a performance about the duality of unreal place, between illusion and reality. It’s a place where people live being unaware of what’s real and what’s imagined. They meet one another in a real life, don’t notice beauty and value, don’t know if the love they met is the true one; don’t recognize lie from honesty and live their lives looking with a hope beyond the distanced worlds that are hoped to have a power to heal. The characters of mundane don’t stop in searching the ideals and something that could make them keep the decisions they had made, bonding them with traditions and make their lives sensible. They are absorbed with what the day brings: they play, fight ambitiously for their positions in their jobs and between the colleagues. Everything take place in a dream from a saint, and ordinary days aren’t ordinary anymore. The spectator connects the elements of performance’s action himself assembling them into clear images. Jacek Łumiński

Silesian Dance Theatre is Poland’s first professional contemporary dance company, established in 1991 in the city of Bytom by Director/Choreographer Jacek Łuminski, who has developed a new dance form and style based on the rich cultural traditions of Poland. Łumiński’s choreography and movement vocabulary is a split from the traditional and contemporary dance forms which flourish in Poland. It is considered to be incomparable and innovatory wherever abroad the company performs and teaches.

The Silesian Dance Theatre has performed and taught throughout Poland and in Germany, Israel, Slovakia, Czech Republic, India, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, Great Britain, Luxembourg and several times in the USA. In the repertoire of the company have been kept pieces by Jacek Łumiński, Avi Kaiser (Belgium), Anna Sokolow (USA), Mark Haim (USA), Risa Jaroslow (USA), Melissa Monteros (USA), Wendell Beavers (USA), Sam Costa (USA), Frank Handeler & Diane Elshout (Holland), Christine Brunel (Germany), Henrietta Horn (Germany), Conrad Drzewiecki (Poland).

In 2002 SDT succesfuly performed in New York (The Kitchen) and in Dusseldorf (Global Dance). In year 2004 SDT „Thoughts That Got Ruffled Much” choreographed by Jacek Luminski has been presented piece on the stages of Calcata (India), Vancouver (Canada) and Los Angeles (USA).

In 2005 SDT performed at Vanvouver Dance Festival presenting the premiere of „Here to There” being the result of project realized with Kokoro Dance Company, Canada.

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