DoTheatre _ Hangman

choreography:: Evgeny Kozlov
dancers: Evgeny Kozlov, Julia Tokareva, Alexander Bondarev, Irina Kozlova
light: Alexander Bondarev
costumes: DoTheatre
technican and performer: Tanya Williams
duration: 70 min

Hangman is a game and the personage in one –  a magical story that brings us to a dark delirious place, lit with the swinging lamps and shattering shadows – a strange world of perpetrators and victims, judges and executioners where three characters of the Damn Trinity – the Blind, the Deaf and the Dumb – play an endless puzzle game – who is the Victim. With the role reversals and the intriguing changes of perspective Hangman suggest the situations from the developing a crime to the court and public execution. Musically haunting- this is a thought provoking and inspirational piece. It’s a fusion of theatrical and dance form, combines elements from the Theatre of the Absurd and contemporary dance. The naivety of clown farce is enriched by the charming use of Black Humour.

Inspired by Daniel Charms.

Founded in1987 as an experimental physical theatre company, DoTheatre is considered one of the most influential group to have come out of post Communist Russia. The company pioneered a stile of extreme physical theatre and created a dance language known as Russian Modernism which is brutal, demanding, yet infused with poetic tension. Since the early 1990’s DoTheatre have both carved out unique place in European theatre and continued to develop their own style through international collaboration. The company currently based in Aachen (Germany) and tour their work to major dance and theatre festivals all over the world.