Alexander Andriyashkin _ I will try

author & performer: Alexander Andriyashkin
assist: Vadim Kartashev, Nina Kungurova
thanks: Julia Dolgova, Andrey Andrianov, Povstanze, Olga Petrova, TQW, TsEKh
duration: 35-40 min

“An interactive performance “I will try” build on a constant dialogue with the audience. It is a rare case when an artist and a spectacular don’t just look on each other from the darkness. It is that right chance to destroy the invisible but existing borderline across the edge of a stage. It is a risky experiment – because you never know – will we succeed to understand each other? And do we really need it?”

Tatyana Safonova

Alexander Andriyashkin – contemporary movement artist. Originally from Novosibirsk and now days based in Moscow (Russia), but works all over Russia as well as European countries.

In his activity is constantly searching for a balance between questioning, quality and simplicity.