Kamińska / Kania / Ustowska / Durski / Stanek _ Imaginary Archive

„Imaginary Archive” is created between speculative scenarios for the future, ephemeral dance that happens now, and the practice of impossible and imaginary ways of remembering what once was.

The project was initiated by Patryk Durski, Katarzyna Kania, Anna Kamińska, Piotr Stanek, and Katarzyna Ustowska. Since meeting at the performance ONE in Gdansk (2018), the artists have continued to collaborate, practicing and colliding with the idea of collectivity. “Imaginary Archive” originated as artistic research within a grant from the Hessische Theaterakademie (2020). Adapting to the changes that came with the pandemic, the artists met online, practicing care, friendship and thinking about death together.

Between insecurity and the need for support, excessive remote contact, and the longing for physical proximity, they situated the performance as an ‘’object of care’’. How to take care of a dead performance? It is the question with which they started the creative process.

„Imaginary Archive” is a reflection on how we care and what we care about. By reflecting on live performances, they construct a paradoxical narrative about (their) death.

The meeting with the audience in Lublin is the next stage of their work. Using archives collected online, the artists undertake a strategy of choreographic recycling.

concept, choreography, performance: Durski Patryk, Kania Katarzyna, Kamińska Anna, Stanek Piotr, Ustowska Katarzyna
music: Michał Drabczyk
production, residency, co-production: Centre for Culture in Lublin / Przestrzenie Sztuki. Taniec
duration: 60 min