Aleksandra Osowicz _ In between words

The great choreographer, dancer and director of Tanzteater Wuppertal in Germany, Pina Bausch, at the end of June this year was to visit Wrocław. It was the most expected star of the festival “The world as a place of truth”. Her company brought the piece “Nefes”. The first show was perceived entusiastically by the audience and the next day everybody was looking for the meeting with the Artist. Instead a message about a sudden death of Pina Bausch came. Her actors gave the last show to pay a tribute to their mentor.

The Author had an opportunity to take photos during the final rehearsal of the event. The collection of photos presented at this exhibition is a part of the notification of “Nefes”.

The performance was created six years ago in cooperatin with the International Theatre Festival  in Istambul as well as The Istanbul Fundation of the Arts. “Nefes” with the music of a.o. Astor Piazzolla and Tom Waits includes thrilling choreographic combinations surrounded by the ascetic scenography. It is exceptional how much can be expressed with emotions, pictures, using a few words only. What is more interesting Pina Bausch’s actors speak Polish from the stage. According to the media information it is a rule of the company, to speak with the language of the country they are having a show.
Pina Bausch used to say: “I’m not interested in how people move; I’m interested in what makes them move.” She died on 30th June 2009

Ola Osowicz

Aleksandra Osowicz,1987

A student of the 3rd year at Fine Arts Academy in Wrocław, Photography and Multimedia Faculty.
Most of her photos present dancers and dance performances, a.o. she documented the works of Wrocław Opera. Her best collections consists of photos fo the ballet dancers taken at the city space: at hipermarkets, car parks, in the city train. She cooperates with Dance Academy in Wrocław. She received a prize for her dance project presented during the competition “Dolina kreatywna” in Polish Television.