Lubelski Teatr Tańca _ In my beggining is my end

Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future,
And time future contained in time past.


Where is the past and where is the future if everything that really exists – is now? Despite the cult of youth, of idealized bodies and physical fitness, our bodies and minds keep changing. There comes the great beauty of old age, which places the past in memory and the future in anticipation of another moment of happiness. The performance of the Lublin Dance Theater takes place in this state of suspension between nostalgia and hope. This multidimensional performance is also a meeting point for creators representing diverse fields, places, origins and ages. It asks about our collective and individual attitudes about the past and about what is yet to come. It is a game of plunging into nostalgia, recalling good and bad old times. It is an expression of fear of old age and death –
as much as of the expectation of happiness or of that one artistic moment that we have always craved to experience. The latest performance of the Lublin Dance Theater was created
on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the ensemble and based on T. S. Eliot’s „Four quartets”.


cast: Ryszard Kalinowski, Beata Mysiak, Anna Żak and guest
director, scenario: Joanna Lewicka
multimedia, stage design: Aleksander Janas
costumes: El Bruzda (Marta Góźdź)
masks: Monika Zadurska – Bielak, Tomasz Bielak
chorus, composition: Tomasz Krzyżanowski
voice: Sean Palmer
light design: Aleksander Janas / Miłosz Wójciuk
movment: Lublin Dance Theatre with cooperation with the director
production: Anna Kalita, Konrad Kurowski
financial support: Centre for Culture in Lublin
premiere: June 2021
duration: 65 min