International Workshops of Contemporary Dance

Sylwia Hefczyńska – Lewandowska / Poland
Sylwia Hefczyńska-LewandowskaIs a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Wrocław. As a dancer of the Silesian Dance Theatre in Bytom (since 1995) she has danced in all of the Theater’s first-night performances, including the productions choreographed by the artistic director, Jacek Łumiński, and those created for the dancers by guest artists (Wendell Beavers, Henrietta Horn, Frank Handeler, Diane Elshout, Jay Hirabayashi and Barbara Bouqet).  In the year 2000 she was awarded the title of the professional dancer by the Polish Artists’ Association, a distinction which is recognized by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Her pedagogical achievements include a cooperation with the Academy of Physical Education in Wrocław, the State Ballet School in Bytom, the Dance Department of Swarthmore College (the USA), organizing classes and seminars as part of the New Series of Educational Workshops for Dance Teachers and Artistic Leaders, and the Higher School of Performance Arts in Bytom. She has been a teacher of the Polish Techniques of Contemporary Dance in the Dance Theatre Department of Ludwik Solski Academy of Theatre in Cracow. In 2007 she received the Mayor of Bytom Award for her activities in the field of culture, and a year later she obtained her PhD degree in Theatre Arts.

Wojtek Kaproń / Poland
Wojtek KaprońChoreographer, dancer, teacher. He graduated from the Jagiellonski University in Cracow, the Faculty of Cultural Animation. In the years 1988 – 1997 he was a committed ballroom dancer, a participant and award winner of many international ballroom dance competitions. Since 1998 he’s participated in dance workshops in Poland and Europe (release, contact improvisation, body conditioning, BMC, Polish technique of contemporary dance, improvisation). In 1997 worked as a dancer and assistant choreographer at Contemporary Dance Group of Lublin University of Technology. Ever since 2001 he’s been dancing in Lublin Dance Theatre, performing in most company’s pieces. He co-organizes International Lublin Dance Theatres Festivals and Dance Forums and acts as a coordinator and teacher for the Open Dance and Conditioning Workshops in Lublin. Respectively in 2006 and 2007 he took part in international projects with CIE Stanislaw Wisniewski from France and W&M Physical Theatre from Canada.
In 2005 he was awarded a second prize in the International Festival “Euro – Scene” in Leipzig and Lublin City Mayor Award for cultural activity and artistic achievements.

Evgeny Kozlov – Germany / Russia
Evgeny KozlovTheatre director, choreographer and dancer. He studied visual art, classical ballet and theatre direction in St.Petersburg. Later, he continued his education in various contemporary dance and performing styles. In 1987 he founded DoTheatre company, developing a very individual performing direction based on the synthesis of different forms. Since that time he has been directing and dancing in DoTheatre repertoire as well as co-producing and choreographing with:
Buhnenwerkstadt (Austria), Materia Prima (France), Tatoeba (Germany), Lit Moon (USA), Fabrik e. V. Potsdam (Germany).

Marcel Leemann / Switzerland
Marcel LeemannWas born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1969. Since completing his dance training at the John Cranko School of Ballet in Stuttgart and the Hungarian State Ballet School in Budapest he went on to dance in the Semperoper in Germany, with Richard Wherlock in Luzern Ballet and for the  Bern Ballet in Bern, Switzerland. Since deciding to direct his own company in 2003 Marcel Leemann Physical Dance Theater has been invited all over Europe to perform. Marcel continues to teach dance and theater within schools and the University of Bern, as well as perform, with Swiss based companies, Da Motus, Alias Company, Pablo Ventura, Öff Öff Productions and Gilles Jobin.

Anka Majcher– Poland / Netherlands
Anka MajcherAnna (Anka) Majcher was born in 1982 in Poland. She graduated from The National School of Ballet in Bytom, Poland, and the department of choreography of the Rotterdam Dance Academy in Holland, where she also cooperated with Piet Rohie, co-choreographing a piece called “Brotherhood/sisterhood: what are we going to do about it?”. Currently she works as an international competition coach for DDD Dodrecht figure ice skaters. When in Poland, she cooperated with the Silesian Dance Thater – artistic director Jacek Łumiński, and the Joe Alter Dance Group. Recently she took part in “We summer” project, cooperating with Veronica Riz Company in Bolzano (Italy), and created a piece called “A song on 3 and 4 and” for the Silesian Dance Theater.

Wojciech Mochniej– Poland / Canada
Wojciech MochniejWojciech Mochniej- co-founder of Dance Theatre of Gdansk (1994-2001), founder of Contemporary Dance School in Gdansk (1994-2001), co-founder of W&M Physical Theatre in Canada (2000-present), Artistic Director of The Eko Dance Projects and the Center for Movement Arts in Calgary (2007-present). Faculty member at The Dance Programme of the University of Calgary (1994-present)



Monica Munoz Marin / Switzerland
Monica Munoz MarinBorn in Barcelona, Spain.1992-98 studies in dance at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona and Folkwang Highschool in Essen, Germany. Dances with Lanonima Imperial in Barcelona, with Malou Airaudo and Jean-Laurent Sasportes in Essen with Rodolpho Leoni Dance Company in Düsseldorf, with Toula Limnaios Co, Rui Horta, Helga Musial in Berlin, with National Theatre of Northern Greece in Thessaloniki. 2002 elected best young dancer of the year by the art magazine Ballet Dance. In 2002-04 she was a member of the dance theatre Irina Pauls in Heidelberg, Germany. 2004-06 member of the Dance Theatre Freiburg/Heidelberg (Irina Pauls). She worked with guest choreographers such as: Joachim Schlömer, Manuel Quero, David Bolger, Irland, Béatrice Jaccard und Peter Schelling for „Zocker“. In 2006 she collaborated with Tabea Martìn and Matthias Moij in Basel, Switzerland. In 2007 danced in the Cois Ceim Dance Theatre in Dublin. Currently, ever since 2008, she cooperates with company drift performing in „au bleu cochon“.

Vigrinia Spallarossa / Italy
Vigrinia SpallarossaShe has studied dance at the school of Teatro alla Scala di Milano, followed by her education at the Académie Classique Princesse Grace in Montecarlo. In 1994 she has started to follow contemporary dance training with Merce Cunningam’s school in New York, Wayne McGregor in London and with Simone Sandroni in Italy. She worked with the Olympic Contemporary Ballet of G.Whittingam in London and in New York. She has danced in different opera productions at Teatro alla Scala in Milan – choreographies of Sean Walsh, Ron Howell and Mark Baldwin, in The Rome Opera, at Florence City Theatre, at Bunkakhan in Tokyo and in Bayerische Staatballet in Munich. She joined DEJA DONNE in 2007.

Yulia Tokareva  Germany / Russia
Yulia TokarevaWas born in 1976. In 1983-1995 she studied artistic gymnastics (including choreography, physical training, especially co-ordination, bases of musical education). In 1997-2000 studied Jazz-modern school in “Kannon-dance”. She participated in many various workshops f.eg: modern – Barbara Hayly (USA), contact improvisation, modern – Sasha Kykin (Russia), modern – Ivona Olshovska (Poland), Maida Viters (USA), Modern – Nicolas Lechtor (USA), Michael Tracy, “Pillobulos” (USA), contemporary modern, composition – Robert Poole (UK/Sp) in Altea(Spain) or  modern jazz – Bruce Taylor (France). She also participated in many choreographies: Natalia Kasparova (Russia),  Denny Burachesky (USA), Naidgela Yatkin (USA) or Alex Kukin (Russia). Since 2002 she is a member of DoTheatre and she working in all productions of theatre.

József Trefeli / Switzerland
Jozsef TrefeliBorn in Canberra, Australia. First choreographies since 1991. 1992 Bachelor of Arts in Dance at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University, Australia. Dances in Australia with Philippa Clarke (1993-5), Meryl Tankard (1991), Paige Gordon and Theresa Blake (1995). 1996-2004 member of Alias Company (Guilherme Bothelo) Geneva, Switzerland. Dance and chor.cooperation in 10 productions. 2005 start of company Jòszef Trefeli in Geneva. 2006 Award for Best Choreography at the XIV Atelier Intern. Theatre Festival in Roumania. Since 2005 dancer with Philippe Saire, Da Motus, Company Mix, Collectif Utilité Publique, Co Greffe; all in Switzerland. 2006/7 actor with Korpüs Animüs. Teaches workshops in contemporary dance, improvisation, composition and Hungarian folk dance. Since 2008 with company drift for „au bleu cochon.

Isadora Wolfe / USA
Isadora WolfeIs from Lowell, Massachusetts. After training with the Boston Ballet, she graduated from NYU with the JS Seidman Award. She has performed nationally and internationally with choreographers such as Gerald Casel, Martha Clarke, Mark Dendy, Fiona Marcotty, Neta Pulvermacher, Colleen Thomas and Bill Young, among others, and in 2007 was a guest artist with the Staatstheater Kassel in Germany.
She is very proud to be a founding member of johannes wieland, and grateful to Johannes for continuing to create, challenge and inspire

Sebastian Zajkowski / Poland
Sebastian ZajkowskiReceived his professional training from the State Ballet School in Bytom. In 1987 after 8 years of extensive training he left the school for a professional company. Later as a member of the “Rozrywki” Theatre Company he performed in many different productions, most of which were musicals, ballets and farces. In the summer of 2000 Sebastian was brought to the Silesian Dance Theatre. Since then he had created many characters in Jacek Luminski’s pieces such as: Innocent Dreams on the Wane, The End of the Rainbow, Diary of the Daydream, 7,5, Wrzaskowisko, the Glamour of Mundane-the Dream from a Saint, Changing Lanes. As a member of the company he performed in United States, Canada, Germany, Portugal, India, Lithuania, United Kingdom, France, and Switzerland as well as in many towns and cities across Poland. Sebastian’s teaching skills had been flourishing in United Kingdom, and the United States, where he taught in the framework of the Silesian Dance Theatre’s engagement. He permanently teaches children and youth in the Silesian Dance Theatre studio in Bytom. In 2005, by joining forces with Leszek Stanek, his SDT’s colleague, Sebastian made his debut as a choreographer for the “Center of Gravity.” His contribution may be seen especially in the sphere of ideas and in unique movement material.

Anna Żak / Poland
Anna ŻakDancer, teacher,choreographer. In years 1994 – 2000 dancer of Contemporary Dance Group of Lublin University of Technology and in November 2005 became a director of the Group and dancer of Lublin Dance Theatre. Since 1996 has been continuing dance education at workshops in Poland and abroad, e.g. releasing, contact improvisation, body conditioning, BMC, improvisation, Polish technique of contemporary dance. Her experience also includes such activities as. Choreographer of “continue”, “clear/n”, “stadium”. Cooperation dance and choreographie of d&a dance action.
Since 2001 in Lublin Dance Theatre dancing and cooperating with the choreographer. In 2005 she received a Lublin Mayor Award for her cultural activity and artistic achievements. Cooperates by organisation of International Lublin Dance Theatres Festival.