Narodowe Centrum Tańca _ James

Choreography: Andreea Duţă, Silvia Călin
Performers: Andreea Duţă, Silvia Călin, Daniel Popa
Music: Arto Lindsay, Radiohead, Aqua Basino
Production: National Dance Centre in Bucharest

“James”, is a piece about “love”, about the simple things in life, about people who can show that one can live in many ways. Above all, life can be simple, can be a game, a beautiful morning, friendship……

It all started as a game. Three good friends, getting together to create a dance performance. And they’ve started to work. First, they thought about the technical part, how to create duets, trios, solos, without giving the sense of specific relationships. How to “put into page” 2 girls and 1 boy and still give the feeling that the work is not about 1 guy who gets involved with each of the girls. Impossible. It all became a story about people that can’t get together, who choose to stay miserable in there solitudes, solitude they never wished for. www.cndb.ro