Jørgen Knudsen _ Jørgen Knudsen ”Growth”

”Growth” is the follow-up project after the very succsessfull ”Wealth”, which focuses on economy and globalisation in  contemporary way.

Growth music will be realeased as a 10X cd during this winther. The conserts is low in volume, very sensitive music, meditating on the space the conserts takes place. The project follow the making of an toothbrush, all the geographical, economical and ecological aspects.

Educated as a chemical engineer, Knudsen started his musical career in experimental punk rock around 1980, and have done series og punk, experimental music during the 80´s. In the 90´s he did Information together with Per Henrik Svalastog, made several releases on Beatservice and Rune Grammofon. He has been working with music for staged worked like theater, dance since early 80´s.

In 2007 he started +3dB records togeher with Bjørnar Habbestad. The label will have 8 releases in 2008, and a asia tour, including China, Taiwan, Singapore, Bangkok.