Wojciech Mochniej/W&M Physical Theatre _ Just po prostu

Choreography/performance: Wojciech Mochniej Soundscape: Wojciech Mochniej with samples of: Two Lone Swordsmen, Ominaeshi, OK27, Ocralab, Nick Parkin & Tom Gillieron Light and stage design: Wojciech Mochniej Video: Wojciech Mochniej Production: W&M Dance Projects Productions, EKO Dance Projects

The journey between day to day reality and the work of creating Theatre is a fascinating one; from the stages of suspended reality and imaginative musings, to the translation of your emotional attachments to and memories of the movement language into something new, through to the final stage of shaping and enclosing the work in a theatrical dimension.

“Just po prostu” is a reflection on my choreographic journey to this point. A selection of seeds from past works, moments which still resonate within me, act as a source to summarize my past periods and open the door to new explorations and new directions.