Ferenc Fehér _ King Wert

Choreographer – performer: Ferenc Fehér Light designer: Anikó Juhász Director: Anikó Juhász Music: Indigó Time: 40 min

…my running, my knocking behind the door I stand, King Wert…

From a review: ‘ A strange, tense, disharmonious beauty, unusual rhythmic changes and creatively mixed flows of movements are the characteristics of one of the most promising dancers of the coming years (…) he uses his body with an instinctive omniscience.’ Veronika Tóth Ágnes „Ellenfény“

Ferenc Fehér is a very talented and creative dancer and choreographer of a company called Finita la Commedia. Performed internationally on numerous festivals and awarded on some competitions, e.g. Solo Dance Festival in Budapest (2000 2001), International Presentations of Contemporary Dance Forms in Kalisz (2000), International Original Dance Project Competition in Prague (2002). In 2003 he received a scholarship from Soros Foundation.