Lubelski teatr tańca _ K’s Last Solo

“Perhaps my best years are gone. When there was a chance of happiness. But I wouldn’t want them back. Not with the fire in me now. No, I wouldn’t want them back.”
Samuel Beckett, „Krapp’s Last Tape” (…it figures…)
While dancing, you keep moving forward with a unique fervor (tia…), you look at yourself and you think only about what’s coming ahead (again?). At the same time, there is a recurring, relentless thought that keeps nagging at you: if I only then… (what?). You take a look back, you roll in your head a stream of events and you look at the person, who you used to be (and now you are not?). You roll the tape again and again and you arrive at the conclusion… (what conclusion exactly?!), that it’s not so bad, I guess (omg).

concept, choreography, performance: Ryszard Kalinowski
dramaturgy: Grzegorz Kondrasiuk
light, sound: Grzegorz Polak
projection video: fragments from a performance „ DC 5861494”

choreography: Hanna Strzemiecka (2000)
premiere:  June 2017