Ryszard Latecki, Bartek Pałyga, Tadeusz Wielecki _ Laterna

„LATERNA’s music is humorous, fully acoustic, improvised live amalgam of influences of contemporary, post-ethnic, post-jazz and post-psychedelic music.”

“The musicians of LATERNA have a rare ability to create surprisingly mature and very precise compositions concentrated around the axis created by pieces inspired by Steve Reich’s works.”

RYSZARD LATECKI – multi-instrumentalist, inventor of Latara, founder of numerous music formations. He wrote and performed many musical performances and installations, a.o. Hourglass of Sound (subsequent musical intervals counting down the time) and a completely new concept of creating music – Reverse Music (subtracting sound, “cutting” the noise in a way to get a musical form). Latecki conducts also a series of author’s workshops: Nonverbal Sound Space.