Lubelski Teatr Tańca _ Love-Matter [PREMIERE]

You see, there, in between?Yes. We call it void. Look at it, listen:
Listening to nothing would seem to require exquisite attention to every subtle detail.

Karen Barad

What’s there? An infinite ammount of possibilities and realities merging in that ‘meeting halfway’. There, in the halfaway, it’s not anymore about me and you but about a neverending dynamic between us. Karen Barad calls it ‘intra-action’.

What’s intra-action? It’s an action where it’s much more important the relation itself instead of me or you. I mean, within an intra-action, we both are respons-able to each other. We are able to respond. We need to keep on responding and listen and responding and listen. Listen and respond.
The accordance happens. Sometimes. Like magic. But just when we are so into the relation that we drop the individual wishing and wanting.

How can I stop wishing and wanting? I don’t know. Try to act just like matter. Perceive yourself like matter. What’s the intention of the matter? Love.

choreography, concept: Elisabetta Consonni
dance: Mikołaj Karczewski, Beata Mysiak
dramaturgical support: Konrad Kurowsky
original sound: Maurizio Rinaldi
light design: Grzegorz Polak
music: Maurizio Rinaldi
production: Anna Kalita, Konrad Kurowski
premiere: 26 Internationale Dance Theatres Festival