W&M Physical Theatre _ Made in Polska – museum of imagination

Choreography: Wojciech Mochniej in cooperation with Tomasz Wygoda Dancers: Wojciech Mochniej, Tomasz Wygoda Light: Aleksandra Machnik (original design by Steve Isom) Costumes: Quinn McCrimmon Time: 50 min Premiere: April 2004

„Made in Polska – museum of imagination” is a project of professional Polish dancers and choreographers, which a main aim is to verify a picture of a male dancer as well as a dialogue with stereotypes concerning men in a wider cultural context. It is to be a trial to answer question: how the men move and why they dance at all? “Made in Polska …” is a unique meeting of two dancers, two men who want to tell us about important events, meetings, emotions, which were and still are a part of their lives…each man’s life. The performance was successfully presented in Canada and Poland.

W&M Physical Theatre was founded in 1994 and originally named Gdańsk Dance Theatre. It has been a common artistic undertaking of Melissa Monteros (Canada) and Wojciech Mochniej (Poland). Although they have been cooperating since quite a long time the artists still bring two distinct perspectives to their common work. The effect they reach is an original mixture of dynamic movement, intensive emotions and raw physicality. Their works are often described as “powerful”, “unsettling” and “reminiscent of Grotowski”. The Company have performed in Austria, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Italy, Estonia, Sweden and obviously in Poland and Canada.

www.wmdance.republika.pl / wmdancemanager@op.pl / aleksandra.machnik@imagine.net.pl