Companhia Paulo Ribeiro _ Maiorca

choreography: Paulo Ribeiro
dancers: Eliana Campos, Leonor Keil, Rita Omar, Goncalo Lobato, Peter Michael Dietz, Romulus Neagu
music: F. Chopin
light: Nuno Meira
duration: 70 min

“The challenge started with Jorge Salavisa when he preview that the vigorous movement of choreographer Paulo Ribeiro and the romanticism associated with the music of Chopin could result in a creation of strong temperament. Paulo Ribeiro was encouraged to choreograph the “Preludes”, of the composer, interpreted by Pedro Burmester, but by then other choreographic will eventually postpone this challenge. After the creations around the “Book of Disquiet”, of Fernando Pessoa and its inherent theatricality, the return to pure choreography and the capacity of the gesture to create diverse drama was imposed as a pressing need. Paulo Ribeiro returns to the essence. For the choreographer is not the movement that counts, is its genesis, not the heart, the soul. Chopin was in favor of the primacy of form, to the detriment of the soul. It is in this counter-cycle, that choreographer and composer meet. In “Maiorca”, the choreographer creates dance with the music dimension, provoking the public to be carried with no claim to rationality, often reductive, of reason. After 25 years of creation, the greater challenge for Paulo Ribeiro continues to be to make dance an art that call us all, regardless of the particularities of each one.”