Helena Ganjalyan _ MELT

MELT is an image, an impression, a thrill – solo based on a Shakespeare’s figure of Ophelia. Although this Ophelia is forming her own physicality, sexuality, she is trying to go beyond servile “yes, Father” in which the author frames her repeatedly. Additionally MELT (to “melt” – to “drown” but also to “liquefy”, “thaw”, “spread”, “immerse”, “jam”, “touch”) analyzes the final theme of Ophelia’s death, seeking its implementation not only in literal sense but rather in entering into the state of absence, inattention, being outside the body and its actions.

concept, choreography, performance: Helena Ganjalyan
music: Yasuhiro Morinaga
premiere: 20. Festiwal Szekspirowski w Gdańsku / 20th Shakespeare Festival in Gdańsk
duration: 9 min
awards: Distinction at the 20th Shakespeare Festival in Gdańsk for “inspirational confrontation with the figure of Ophelia and the search for his own theatrical language”, 2nd prize from Carlo Massari – 7th edition of the choreographic competition 3 … 2 … 1 … DANCE!