Anna Finke _ “Merce Cunningham Dance Company”

Anna Finke has worked with MCDC since 2004 as Wardrobe Supervisor, Costume Designer and Company Photographer.

Many of the photographs exhibited have been used to publicize MCDC worldwide, while others capture as insider’s glimpse of the company at home and on tour. These images were taken from 2008 – 2011 on stages around the world.

Anna Finke met Merce Cunningham during an internship at Jacob’s Pillow. She began working with Merce Cunningham Dance Company in 2004 and was hired as Wardrobe Supervisor the following year. Finke toured with MCDC its final eight years, serving as Company Photographer since 2006 and Costume Designer since 2007. She has created costumes for numerous Events and for Nearly 90², a restaging of Cunningham’s final work. Her costumes for the final performance of MCDC at Park Avenue Armory were profiled on Vogue magazine’s website.

Lublin Event is presented with the permission and support of the Merce Cunningham Trust.