Anna Piotrowska / mufmi dance theatre _ misja_ka

Mission Creation: Anna Piotrowska

Jury of the Solo and Duo Festival in Budapest, Ide van Heiningen, Marta Trpisovska, Mándy Ildikó and Fenyves Márk, evaluated the performance as the most structured and the most worked out physical solo performance of the platform. The chosen character is the figure of a woman who is on her surrealistic journey. Her ability of transforming the chracter of a half woman half animal impressed the jury. The work has been done in a very inventive way, she is able to reduce the phyisical space into the dimensions of a animal’s food bowl. Even without using her eyes as a formal focus she manages to take the audience into the labirinth of her imagination. Anna maganes to develop a strict personal body language, which is full of phisical awareness (energy and sound), sometimes grotesque, sometimes motionless but always surprising.

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