PL _ Młoda Polska

choreography: Ilona Gumowska
performance: Emilia Biskupik, Kinga Duda / Sara Kozłowska
music: Paweł Odorowicz
costumes: Julie Esther
duration: 11 min

When she appears, you can’t see it
She speaks, you can’t hear it
She touches, you can’t feel it…
Yet if you look for her, you can find her
If you talk to her, she sometimes listens
If you touch her, she will feel it
Like a spider’s web she weaves human fate, holding in her hands holy thread of human life … she gives and takes away, cares and damages, touches with tenderness and hurts… she stays so close … So irreversible…

Awards: III place and the Audience Award in the Choreographic Competition WarsawZAWIROWANIAdance 2017
II place in the Choreographic Competition THE ESSENCE OF MOTION in the frame of International Dance Thetre Festival Scena Otwarta 2017

choreography, performance: Agnieszka Janicka
music: Explosion In The Sky – Your hand in mine
duration: 6 min

-Lead me…but (Where?)
-Rely on yourself, accept your path. Do not fool yourself, no one could see you.

Awards: material prize at 3…2…1…Dance Competition 2017 in Kraków; finalist during International Choreographic Competition Solo Dance Contest 2017 in Gdańsk

creation, performence: Jarosław Mysona
production: Vagabond Physical Collective
premiere: 24.03.2018 Krakowskie Centrum Choreograficzne
music: collage
duration: 8 minut

Stonewall Inn is a place of revolution, fulfillment of fantasy, freedom, but can HE feel safe there?
STONEWALL INN is not just a picture of a young, hiding with his sexuality Greenwich Village inhabitant in New York Manhattan, it’s not just an attempt to hide from the ubiquitous offensive. In his eyes, you can see stories that become universal and refer to all of us.

Awards: Finalist of Solo Dance Contest 2018/ International Gdańsk Festival/ Klub Żak; 2 individual prizes at 8th edition of Choreographic Competition “3…2…1…Dance!” – I Prize from Małgorzata Haduch, II Prize from Gwyn Emberton

choreography: Jakub Lewandowski
dance: Dominika Wiak
music: Michał Lis
duration: 11 min

It is difficult to bring anything permanent, being aware of the colorless surrounding reality and the conviction that some “avalanche” must come. Everything that fate brings to us comes from fantasy. A place between the presence of absence, emptiness and excess.
“For a moment I thought that my absence would be longer, but I changed my mind.”
Laura Brown, Los Angeles 1951

Awards: Zawirowania Dance Choreographic Competition – I Place; International Solo/Duo Competition in Budapest – I Place; “3…2…1…Dance” at Kraków Choreographic Centre – 2 Prices: I Place given by Gwyn Emberton; II Place given by Jacek Przybyłowicz ; Finalists at SOLO DANCE CONTEST in Gdańsk

choreography, performance: Marta Jakimicha, Paulina Spiel
artistic adviser: Katarzyna Grabińska
production: Fundacja Tańca i Sztuki ARToffNIA
premiere: 9.12.2017 Bytomski Teatr Tańca i Ruchu ROZBARK
duration: 9 min

Performance “zeSTROjeNIE / harMOnizaTION” performed and choreographed by Marta Jakimicha and Paulina Spiel received the title BEST DUO DANCE PERFORMANCE 2018 during the final of the International Festival Solo Duo Dance Festival organized by Orkesztika Foundation in Budapest. At the International Choreography Competition 3…2…1…TANIEC! 2018 in Cracow performance “zeSTROjeNIE” received first individual prize granted by Jacek Przybyłowicz.

Dancers, as a result of searching for various forms of stage movement, create one organic creation. The risk of motion research taken is provided by a revealing, temperamental picture. We will notice here the domination accentuated sometimes with aggression, but also with humility and submission, all closed in a balanced partnership that gives organic expression.

„Jak rozebrałem tęczę, czyli sprawdzam grunt”
creator and executor: Łukasz Zgórka
music: Jambinai – Connection
duration: 9 min

As I undressed the rainbow, i.e. I check the ground … of myself, muscles, personality, ego, emotions. A dance project about breaking down human fears, fears, desires and dreams into factors. Personal face-to-face with yourself. Sharing the presence, intimacy and emotion, through physical movement and dance. An attempt to find a good, find oneself in yourself, rebound with the audience. Use energy, clash with indefinable force in dance, make contact with space. What’s in us? How to find love? It is a solo project with the use of physicality, in which the performer examines internal forces, motivates to action and looks for happiness. He uses dance to find his true self. Through his body language and senses he transmits his story. He tries to capture the dreams, get to know himself and convey what can not be told in words. Meeting of man and man. Body with body. Muscle with muscle.

concept, choreography: Monika Pluta, Olga Blachnierek
performance: Monika Pluta, Olga Blachnierek
music: Rene Aubry – Steppe
duration: 8 min

„Never give your talents up for nobody, neither lovers nor husbands”
You are too precious to give to any influences which could make your tomorrow worse then your today.
Give yourself a chance and look deep into yourself.
What can you see?