Marcel Leemann Physical Dance Theater _ Nebel – lebeN

choreography: Marcel Leemann
dancers: Azusa Nishimura, Emma Ribbing, Mariusz Jedrzejewski, Christos Strinopoulos, Ismaél Oiasrtzabal, Joshua Monten, Sylvia Rijmer
music: Silas Beri
light: Jonas Bueler
project: Marcel Leemann Physical Dance Theater
costumes: Marcel Leemann
duration: 60 min

Fog dampens acoustic perception. Within a thick mass of fog there develops a certain auditory landscape, a sort of radio play situation. The fog is a bright darkness. This is the environment in which eight performers move. Together with a choreographer, and author, and musician, they’ve begun an investigation. Some things are revealed, others not; some things are perceivable, others not. There is a paradox in the fog: being hidden makes disclosure possible. In the fog there’s more fantasy than there are bare facts. A heightened alertness develops in the fog which is bound together with a heightened trust in one’s own perceptions and instincts. The German word for “fog” (Nebel) spelled backwards means “life” (Leben)—a fascinating coincidence.

Inspired by Michael Stauffera

Marcel Leemann Physical Dance Theater produces emotional, physical challenging dance theater which confronts audiences with humour, passion and an unexpected rawness. Leemann’s works are based on structured improvisations using his distinct movement language. Collaborations with DJ’s, VJ’s, composers and writers contribute to a rich creative process. MLPDT works with a core group of dancers, and invited guests