Silesian Dance Theatre _ Neighbourhood Chronicles

choreography: Jacek Łumiński
dancers: Sylwia Hefczyńska-Lewandowska, Korina Kordova, Sebastian Zajkowski, Aleksander Kopański
music: 1rts part: Paweł Szymański, Gotan Project.
2nd part: Wojciech Blecharz , Każdemu Wolno Kochać – Z. Karasiński i E. Schlechter; Es Wird in Hundert Jahren Wieder so Ein Fruhling Sein.
lights: Marcin Wadowski
costumes: Łukasz Kamiński
duration: 1rts part: 40 min 2nd part: 34 min

„(…) Luminski presents the letters of his choreographical alphabet, marked with his handwriting. Each figure is completely different, nevertheless it belongs to the individual train (…) The huge trump is simplicity and purity of the movement (…) Bravo for four dancers for their fitness and fluency in the artisanship of dance.”.

Aleksandra Czapla, Gazeta Wyborcza

“Good tidings from the Silesian Dance Theatre! The two new works by its director, Jacek Luminski, show that he again acknowledges dance (Main Stage, June 30). He’s outspoken about it in the first piece, “To See the World in a Grain of Sand”. Athletic modern movement that’s vigorous, inventive, fairly continuous for stretches at a time  and of varied mood depending on the music (Pawel Szymanski; Gotan Project) is contrasted and compared with passages of behavior that are less dancy but not quite non-dance. Another contrast, not developed in depth but suggested by the gymnastic gear on stage, is that between athletic modern dance and acrobatics. Notions of accident/improvisation vs. choreographic construction are also brought into play. There are passages in “Grain of Sand” that are grateful for the dancers and striking to see, particularly an arms and upper torso solo for the blond man in the cast.

George Jackson, Danceviewtimes