Katarzyna Piątkowska _ „Non gravitatis – no gravitation” – ehibition of works by Katarzyna Piątkowska

Katarzyna Piątkowska’s paintings contain scenes from performances of  Lublin Dance Theatre and Contemporary Dance Group of Lublin University of Technology. The works are a prelude to Piątkowska’s diploma in artistic education in the fine arts under Prof. Jacek Wojciechowski’s tutelage at UMCS Institute of Artistic Education.

Latin titles refer to medical terminology.
Body as a mechanism, machine programmed for perpetual motion.

Depicted poses often stand in denial of the gravity existence, beyond an average person’s capabilities. Presentation of the body as a set of muscles which can be persuaded to cross their own limits. A feeling of total freedom, unhampered by materiality and physicality. Carefully calibrated movements are a tool for telling stories, showing emotions, talking of places and relationships.

Monochromacy of the works emphasizes the purity and simplicity of means which dance theatre operates with. It has only its own body, reducing props to a minimum. The play of light enhances the solidity of muscles – a complex mechanism working according to certain rules and canons. Due to this mechanism the dancers abstract the maximum of possibilities. It sometimes results with an image where the body is put in a complete denial of the constraints often assigned to it.

Mixed media works with a degree of randomness creeping down to the base layer. Giving the impression of lightness of movement and mist between the actors and the elements of space in which they move. The original starting point material for the exhibition were the photographs of Mariusz Bielecki, Marta Ankiersztejn, Marta Zgierska, Artur Radecki, Daniel Sobiechowski, Marcin Śmieszek, Emil Zięba.

Katarzyna Piątkowska-  second year MA student of the UMCS Art Faculty. Lublin School of Design graduate of Interior Decoration department. A double Marshal of Lublin’s scholarship receiver, author of dozens of painting and photography exhibitions and five volumes of poetry. Winner of national and international art and literary competitions.