Izabela Chlewińska _ Ofelia is not dead

choreography: Izabela Chlewińska, coopertion: Jacek Owczarek
dancers: Izabela Chlewińska
music: Jacek Grudzień, Radiohead
duration: 40 min


“Ophelia is not dead” is a part of DanceWeb project- international collective of 70 artists from all around the world.

This performance is inspired by different dance experiences like coaching project with Nigel Charnock and Peeping Tom Collective (Gabriela Carizzoo i Franck Chartier) and also by literature: “Wave” written by Virginia Woolf, “Ophelia’s Death” by Stanislaw Wyspianski and several works written by Aglaja Veteranyi.

The Ophelia’s story starts just after her death.


Izabela Chlewińska (Poland) – dancer, choreographer, teacher. She was a scholar of DanceWeb scholarship in Viena 2008 and Ministry of Culture in Poland 2009. She’s a part of Embassy Off- collective of 70 artist from all around the world.
Her latest work “Ophelia is not dead”- performed in Warsaw, Lodz, Kalisz,Poznan, Lublin in Poland and in Oaxaca in Mexico (New International Festival Prisma Forum 2009) – is a part of DanceWeb project.

She’s an organizer of  Ophelia is not Dead Festival – international dance project.
She danced 4 years in Alter Dance Theatre led by Witold Jurewicz (Kalisz, Poland) and took part in a new Dada Project led by Leszek Bzdyl nad Piotr Cieplak (Lodz, Poland).
She is also working as a choreographer in Drama Theater.