Wejna _ On A Temporary Basis

choreography: Sylvie Pabiot
dancers: dancers, Marie Papon, Angèle Talou, Jean David, Alexandre Da Silva
music: Romain Serre
light: Christian Toullec
costumes: Julie Maison
duration: 60 min

Through this new creation, choreographer Sylvie Pabiot continues her exploration of interindividual relationships in the contemporary society. Today, when globalization and social fragmentation are the issues of actual world, which bonds still link us together?

ON A TEMPORARY BASIS is an atypical piece in the frontiers of dance, theatre and arts. In this piece the choreographic way of thinking is present in the bodies, in their language; from theatre there is a certain realism of action and sobriety of movement; from the fine arts and esthetic regard travelling between figurative and abstract.

This piece impress by its choices of temporality made with interruptions and continuities. In a fragmented disorder a harmonious unity, an organic whole is let out, both by tenderness and violence, solitude and multitude, ordinary and strange. It’s a voyage, realistic and dream-like at the same time. It’s a tale of facts without fairies but with common people searching a place, a spot to live in… ON A TEMPORARY BASIS.

Wejna Dance Company was created in 2004 by Sylvie Pabiot, choreographer.  From this date she created 9 shows. Her artistic work has been acknowledged at a national and international level and the shows have performed more than hundred times, in theatres as well as in many other kinds of venues: museums, streets, prisons… For the company highly believes in an art for all, even a contemporary art.